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Why work with us?

We aim to teach, tailor and help you take control of your sales and marketing processes. The affordable tools available today will delight your team and boost performance to target.

About GeminiBlue

With 20 years’ experience in B2B business development from SME to enterprise tenders, we combine tried and true precision targeting with the latest techniques and technologies in demand generation. GeminiBlue is the creation of a mature entrepreneur who has spent years bringing complex cloud served SaaS software platforms to the UK & Europe marketplace. From introducing all new concepts to established, best-of-breed solutions.


We are product agnostic but are particularly knowledgeable in CRM, CMS, AMS, design, ecommerce, eLearning, community, marketing automation & mobile apps. We are excited by new and established feature rich products that make use of up-to-date cloud hosting, competitive pricing and beautiful UX.