GeminiBlue HubSpot Pricing
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HubSpot Pricing

World Class CRM Plus Marketing Automation and Sales Pipeline Management - all in One Package

Free CRM with Additional Paid Functionality 

HubSpot is leading the charge in the freemium pricing software economy. HubSpot CRM is free. Forever.


Additional functionality for sales, marketing and service can be added or removed at anytime by purchasing each Hub. 


For each type of Hub there are several tiers for starter, professional and enterprise level clients.

Contact management

Contact & company insights

Company records

Gmail & Outlook integration



Contact activity

Lead analytics dashboard

Facebook & Instagram lead ads

Canned Snippets

Email scheduling

Email tracking notifications

Email templates

Conversations inbox

Team email

Live chat

Conversational bots






Reporting dashboard

Sign up Online

Over time development in technology has left behind expensive custom coded software installed locally and moved on to beautifully polished, cloud served systems accessed via the browser.

If you have the IT resources available internally and wish to go it alone, you can sign up online with self service implementation.

You can engage with GeminiBlue at any time if you get started on your own and then request additional support later on.

GeminiBlue Implementation and Support Services

Prices are quoted on a case by case basis by applying industry standard hourly rates following a detailed assessment of need. The work required can vary depending upon the number of staff, products, ancillary systems and the quality of data supplied.

GeminiBlue ongoing services are designed to offer all the assistance your team could ever ask for. From basic user training to new starter onboarding and lead gen campaigns, challenge us and see what we can do!