GeminiBlue | Partnership for Marketing Agencies

Partnership Potential for Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies often get frustrated that they are generating leads for their clients but they are not being tracked or followed up.


This means that they complain the marketing is not working when actually it is the sales and lead handling process that is falling down.


Do you agree that this must frustrating type of client issue when you are delivering results and still getting pushback?


The problem though is not solely caused by the client. There are hundreds of companies offering solutions that claim to solve part or all of this problem and the choices for SMEs can be overwhelming.


This is why one of the most useful referrals I can get is to marketing agencies looking to prove their value proposition to clients.


I work with them to build the lead handling infrastructure their clients need to maximise their marketing investments. Agencies feel comfortable with me, as unlike many CRM and lead handling providers we do not offer marketing services so are not a direct competitor.