GeminiBlue | Repsly Setup Process

Repsly Setup Process

Let GeminiBlue help you implement for success and schedule a start date to roll out to your team. Or get started right now with a 14 day free trial

We do the Heavy Lifting, so You Can do What You do Best

We take the guess work out by thoroughly researching and planning around your business processes, goals and people. By identifying pain points and habits early in the process we will plan for success and pre-empt the hurdles before we come to them.

Before we rollout to your team, we map out and setup all the technology requirements that underpin the service, ensuring we start on solid foundations to deliver to your schedule.

Repsly experts are on hand to help deliver for your field sales team. At GeminiBlue we always allow time for analysis at the most crucial points of the process so that we can focus resources to get the best results.

Timeline and Deliverables

We start with a plan. We build a timeline that will allow you to visually map the entire project from the outset.

At GeminiBlue we design the framework for your project and then add the detail as we go. We avoid developing a highly detailed plan that creates problems of over expectation and overwhelming you with an impractical number of tasks.

We adore Trello boards and surely you will too. We start by placing all of your deliverables into the shared plan that you can easily access on any device to check on progress.

Team Training

Reps love Repsly and so do managers. A key factor in a successful trial is in training your people to adopt to the new tools and adapt their outdated methods to the modern processes.

Live Webinar

The minimum tutorial to setup your team to work with Repsly.

You will need their buy in to get a good rollout and make sure your sales people use the tools correctly.

We will help get all your ducks in a row to ensure a success trial and long term adoption

On Site Training

Every organisation is different and people learn in different ways.

GeminiBlue tailors onsite sessions to include everything your sales reps need to fully understand how Repsly helps them to win and grow their sales through better retail execution.

The training gives enough preparation time during implementation and sets expectations at the right level.

We teach your team how to reclaim hours of admin time which is good for the bottom line and fantastic for a better work/life balance.

8 Minute Detailed Overview

field sales team management software.PNG

Integrating With Your Existing Systems

GeminiBlue uses the Zapier integration service to manage active API feeding data seamlessly between Repsly and you CRM system. If custom API are required we can quote to specification

Repsly’s open API can also integrate with your other systems including marketing automation, finance, email etc

Easily Integrated

Quick to get going

Reduce admin time to get of the clock and get home earlier

Fun to use on a daily basis

Best practice for the FMCG industries

Epic ROI