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Merchandising Masters: Staying Ahead of Retailer Noncompliance in 2018


Jan 3rd 13:30

Join us as we walk through how to spot merchandising inconsistencies across all of your accounts and respond to them in real time. Plus, we'll show you how to segment all your stores with compliance issues and create action items for your team to resolve them as quickly as possible. 

“When you login to Repsly it’s really easy because there’s a giant map of the entire country. You can see all the actions, all the reps in the field, all the pictures they’ve been taking and the notes they’ve been taking, all on one screen. It’s amazingly simple.”

Marcus Gordon, Healthy Brands Collective

“Repsly is a sales management tool that helps you quickly view the accounts that each individual sales manager or merchandiser has visited and analyse what’s been the key successes within that account. Whether its new distribution within the account, displays, pricing. it does it all.”

Max Baumann, Just Chill